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I Am kyros - EP

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All June/July Bandcamp sales will go to Melanated Social Work - an organization working to: end the stigma around mental health in Black and Brown communities, ensure mental health professionals are truly culturally competent, and to fight for the liberation of all Black and brown people.


I Am Kyrøs

Lia Menaker

Pop/Electronic/Alt R&B. 5 songs exploring identity and what it means to be human.

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"There's something about your 30's... I started re-thinking what mattered... who I always told myself I was or wasn't... and I noticed so many others my age going through the same thing."

This exploration is the impetus behind Menaker's self-produced EP - 5 songs that revolve around different aspects of identity. The project combines Lia Menaker’s acclaimed soulful, expressive vocals with a unique blend of pop, electronic, and alternative R&B. It explores everything from the unwavering pursuit of one’s purpose, to running away from what makes us whole, to navigating what it means to be human in a digital world, and more.

"The goal with this EP wasn’t to churn out catchy pop hits, or make the listener feel comfortable,” she says. “I wanted to capture the human experience of navigating identity in a really honest way - and in a way that felt authentic to me. So I played with minimalism, space, and a melding of this soulful, classic jazz vocal and vibe with electronic elements and other sort of… eclectic sounds.”

Lia Menaker has toured 50+ cities around the U.S and has licensed music to networks such as PBS, MTV, and Netflix for use in their programming. She performs regularly in the Philadelphia area, live streams weekly on Twitch under @liamenaker, and started a new Patreon page for a unique, community-oriented, behind-the-scenes experience around creating music (Patreon.com/liamenaker). Tracks "Imprinted" and "Stranger" off the new EP have received significant radio play on Philadelphia's iHeartRadio Alt 104.5 and Philadelphia's NPR station WXPN 88.5. Menaker's music, including new EP I Am Kyrøs, are available on all major digital platforms. 

"The debut EP from Philly's Lia Menaker is steeped in haunting synths, moody beats, and compelling vocals." - WXPN

"...an undiscovered star... with a soulful, haunting voice that shines." - The Jersey Beat


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